Clients and projects since November 2011:
  • Alan Petersen - The Asset
  • Alexander Risten - Grief
  • Benjamin Mathew - Economics
  • Cameron Jace - I Am Alive
  • Clovia Shaw - Nogitsune
  • Daniel Bernhard - The Golden Legend
  • DM Andrews - The Serpent in the Glass, Dreamwalkers Series
  • Dean Murray - Frozen Prospects, Thawed Fortunes, Brittle Bonds, Shattered Ties, Broken, Torn, Splintered, Intrusion, Trapped, Forsaken, Riven, The Greater Darkness, Darkness Mirrored
  • Diana Bocco
  • Estelle Ryan - The Dante Connection, The Braque Connection
  • Harrison Davies - Destiny of the Wulf
  • Ian McCain - Product
  • Jan Springer - Menage
  • Jean-Marc Kerkerian - Ruin
  • Jennifer Silverwood - Silver Hollow, Stay
  • Jill Flanagan - Twice Shy
  • Jill Myles - Sunlight
  • Julie Huss - Clutch, Fledge, Flight, Range, The Magpie Bridge, Tragic, Losing Francesca, Manic, Panic
  • Karen Barnhart - Blissfully Series, Varick 1 & 2, Scottish Pet 1 & 2, Sensual Erotica, Brie Submits to Her Master, Brie Visits Master's Italy, The Keeper, In 9 Days, 9 Days and Counting, Play with Me at Noon, And Then He Saved Me
  • Karl Noronha - Path of Least Resistance
  • Kenya Wright - Mindful Holistic Living
  • Kia Zi Shiru - Black Sheep Trilogy, Otherkin Spirits Series
  • Mainak Dhar - Off With Their Heads, Chronicler of the Undead, Hunting the Snark, A Little Bit of Mayhem, The Untold Story of Alice in Deadland, Phantoms of the North
  • Mark Whiteway - Seeds Across the Sky
  • Melissa Wright - Frey, Pieces of Eight, Molly, Rise of the Seven, Bound by Prophecy, A Vision from the Future
  • Mortimer Jackson - Land of Stories
  • MV White - The Book of Change, Saris Series
  • Narcisse Navarre - The Olive Grove, An Endless Hunger
  • Nels Wadycki - The Valkyrie Project
  • Rory Mackay - Eladria
  • Rose Pressey - How to Date a Vampire, Pies and Potions, Murder at Honeysuckle Hotel, Ghoul Next Door, How to Date a Demon, The Haunted Fixer-Upper, Forever Charmed, Charmed Again
  • Rye James - A Soul Worth Taking
  • Scott Cramer - Colony East
  • Steve Cordero - Listen, From the Sword
  • Suren Fant - What Women Want
  • Tom Knowles at Event Horizon EBooks - Time Station London, Time Station Paris, Time Station Berlin
  • Will Weisser - Reintegrators
I've also completed over 200 edits as an editor for romance epublisher Total-E-Bound over the last year. Please contact me for references and I can put you in touch with clients.

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