Rates & Services

I offer the following services:

  • Line editing. I’ll correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. I’ll make sure that formatting is consistent; if the first four chapter headings are bolded, the fifth should be too. I’ll point out continuity errors, where the protagonist lives at 220B in one chapter and 221B in the next. I’ll raise queries when the text is confusing or ambiguous. My aim is to bring out your unique voice while ensuring clean, professional copy.
    • Rates will normally be .7 cents per word, or $700 for a 100,000-word novel.
  • Substantive editing. I’ll give an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the novel with suggestions for how to improve. I’ll look at the power of the writing, the vividness of the description, the punch of the action. I’ll comment on characterisation. Plot is a strength of mine; I can tell you when your dramatic moment is falling flat due to a lack of buildup. My aim is to help you deliver a well-structured, well-written story.
    • Rates will normally be 1 cent per word, or $1000 for a 100,000-word novel.

Turnaround time is negotiable, but I’d hope to return the novel within 3-4 weeks. I’ll read revisions for a further fee. Contact me at rjlocksley88@gmail.com.